French Bean

Beans lose water very rapidly after harvest and the water loss causes shriveling, drying, fibrous appearance and become unmarketable. This water loss will continue even under low temperature conditions, but at lesser rates.  So prevention of moisture loss is one of the main criteria for storage life extension of French beans.

A. Extension of storage life by cold storage

French Beans (Arka Sarath) can be stored for 12 days at 13°C and 16 days at 7°C when compared to less than 3 days at room temperature.


B.Extension of storage life  by packaging couple with cold storage

French Beans (Arka Anup) packed in CFB boxes and shrink wrapped with semi-permeable film could be stored for 21, 14 and 3 days at 7 °C, 10 °C and RT respectively, without affecting the quality. By this packaging method the weight loss of beans could be reduced by 2-3 times.


C.Short term storage of French beans in low cost high humidity (LCHH) storage tent

French beans (cv. Arka Sarath) placed in low cost high humidity storage tent could be stored in fresh condition without any shriveling for 3 days with a weight loss of only 5 % when compared to 17 % weight loss in control (23.5 -29.6°C & 34-50% RH)